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Our Customers

Aloha Bottling Company's PET & HDPE manufactured bottles are used for a variety of products.  From soy sauce to salad dressings to syrups and purified water, our bottles are creatively & exclusively used. 

In addition to PET & HDPE bottles, Aloha Bottling Company also distributes PET, PVC, Polystyrene & Glass containers. They're in an assortment of sizes, yet very strong & efficient to package a variety of snacks and substances.

Our customers love to package their homemade cookies, jams, sauces, seasoned salts and other delectable goodies! Our jars are also great for craft and school projects, party centerpieces and favors, or even organizing your pantry!

During the holidays, you can also find our jars at Longs Drug Stores & Daiei Stores statewide.

Here are a few of our customers

Sauces & Dressings

Aloha Shoyu Company

Seasoned Salts

Da Salty Lady


Hawaii Candy HPC Foods Island Princess


Hawaiian Sun Products