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Purchase & Delivery Policy


2. ALL prices are subject to change without notice.

3. The company name & GE Tax License must be provided at time of order for wholesale pricing. (Applies to 1st time buyers)

4. $100.00 minimum will-call purchase requirement for both retail & wholesale customers.

5. ALL orders must be placed minimum 24-hours in advance, including will-call orders.

6. ALL will-calls must be picked up by 3:00pm.

7. There will be a $50.00 re-stocking fee for all orders that are cancelled and/or changed at time of delivery / will-call.

8. $250.00 minimum purchase requirement for all deliveries.

9. A forklift & personnel must be available at time of delivery. If neither can be provided by customer, customer will be forced to will-call the order or arrange for other means of delivery which will be paid at the customer's expense.

10. A 2-hour window must be given for all deliveries.

11. A 15-minute grace period is given for all deliveries. If no one is there to receive the order after 15 minutes, the delivery will be re-scheduled and a $100.00 delivery fee will be charged.

12. ALL orders must be checked by the customer at time of delivery / will-call. Signing of our invoice acknowledges that the customer has received the order in its entirety.

13. ALL discrepancies must be filed with our office no later than 24-hours after receipt of order.

14. ALL damages must be filed with our office at time of delivery/will-call. ALL damages claimed after date of receipt will be reviewed at our discretion. o credit will be issued for used product.

15. ALL products must avoid excessive HEAT & SUN EXPOSURE. DO NOT store products in the sun or next to any type of heat source. This will damage the product.

16. After receipt of order, via delivery or will-call, Aloha Bottling Company will not be liable for any damages due to heat or sun exposure.

17. Aloha Bottling Company is not liable for any damages due to shipping via any other carrier such as Young Brothers, UPS, FEDEX, US POSTAL, Aloha Air, Hawaiian Air, etc. All claims must be filed with the shipping agent.